Do You Know The Meaning Behind The Tattoos Of These Bollywood Artists?

These days not just the Bollywood peeps but everyone in the world is very much fond of tattoos. People get themselves inked here and there. But inking is not just a form of art. For the person getting inked, the tattoo holds a lot of significance.

The tattoo also reflects things about the person’s personality. It is something they have permanently decided to live with.

Let’s get to know the meaning of these tattoos sported by Bollywood stars:

1) Ajay Devgn:


He is fond of tattoos and does not share his private beliefs and feelings with anyone. But we know one thing about him that he is a firm believer of the ‘Lord Shiva’ and the symbolic tattoo on his chest is the faith and devotion the actor has towards ‘Shiv’.

2) Sushmita Sen:


She has been away from the industry and it has been a long time. The actress has a Latin tattoo on her left hand which states, “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.”  The meaning of this tattoo is ‘ I shall either find a way or make my own.’

3) Imran Khan:


He has many tattoos on his body but the story behind his most recent is very beautiful, the tattoo the actor has on his chest is basically a footprint of his baby girl. Not many know that Imran’s mother had kept his on a paper for a very long time when he was born.

4) Alia Bhatt:


A very few people know that this actress too has a tattoo. Alia Bhatt has a tattoo on her back which reads ‘Pataka’ which means a firecracker. The literal translation is that of a spark and which is evident in her acting.

5) Kangana Ranaut:


She has a tattoo on her back which is of a glorious winged sword and of a cherubic angel which signify poise and grace. Kangana believes that she has both of these things in her real and reel life.

Do you have a tattoo or want it? Tell us in the comments below.

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