Don’t Have Money? Pay For Your Food By Washing Dishes At This Eatery

Paise nahi hai to bartan manjane padenge (if you don’t have money, you will have to wash the dishes),”  is somewhat a dialogue that we have heard in a lot of Hindi movies. While it seems more of a compulsion, there is an eatery that offers it as a choice.

Have you on your visit to restaurants ever wondered about the life of the poor who cannot afford a meal out? Often we would see people peeking into a diner, dreaming of an evening out like that.

A diner in Tokyo, Japan allows its guests to pay for their meals by washing dishes or equivalent. In exchange for 50 minutes’ work, you can have its amazing food. This work could be any work at the restaurant ranging from cleaning up to serving orders.

This diner named, Mirai Shokudo which opened in 2016 is the brainchild of 33-year-old Sekai Kobayashi who wanted the poor people to be able to enjoy an evening out.

Mirai Shokudo

As of 9th March, the diner has employed more than 500 people in this way who have worked and then enjoyed the food.

Speaking to China Daily she said, “My colleagues really liked the lunches I made for them. This led me to strongly consider opening my own restaurant. Afterward, I received vocational training at a leading restaurant chain and other places before opening Mirai Shokudo.

A woman earning her meal

Those looking for jobs might feel that making the wrong choice could ruin the rest of their lives. But it’s okay to change course later on. That’ll eventually lead you in a direction that you feel strongly about. That’s what happened to me.”

Such a noble thought and even nobler deed.


Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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