If You Don’t See The Northern Lights On This Cruise, The Next Cruise Is FREE!

Have you always fantasised about watching the Northern Lights but never got the chance to? Did you head to the North Pole, all packed up to watch the beautiful Aurora Borealis but failed and returned home disappointed? Now you have a solution.

A small cruise line in Norway offers a guarantee. If you don’t see the Northern Lights on board their cruise, your next cruise journey with them will be completely free. This cruise, started by Hurtigruten is named the ‘Astronomy Cruise’.

According to The Telegraph, even though 2016 marked the voyage’s 10th season of a 100-percent sighting rate, at least six nights went by without any Northern Lights during a recent cruise. There are various factors that come into play – like the sky must be clear, free of light pollution etc.

This 12 days long cruise has had a 100% sighting rate so far – thanks to the astronomer Dr. John Mason, MBE who picks the perfect time and perfect spot. The cruise heads to the Arctic Circle which is the only place to spot the beautiful phenomenon and helps its passengers view the surreal lights.

The Northern Lights, in layman’s terms, are caused when charged particles from the sun collide with the atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere – releasing photos or light.

This cruise line operates from October to March. The company’s website states, “…we’re so confident that we have issued a Northern Lights Promise for our 12-day voyages that start in October and end in March. If the northern lights don’t occur during your voyage, we will send you on a 6- or 7-day voyage the following season, October through March.”

Interesting? This could be a part of your next trip to the Arctic Circle. The cruise costs approximately ₹1,30,000. You can know more on their website.

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Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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