Emraan Hashmi’s Inaugaration Of A New Cancer Hospital Is Another Ray Of Hope

Bollywood actor, Emraan Hashmi may not be seen in movies. There were things going on in his family that needed his attention. Hashmi in-depth understands what it is like to have a family member suffering from this deadly disease called ‘cancer’.

In 2014, his four-year-old son ‘Ayaan Hashmi’ was detected with cancer and there was so much stress and pain among the family members. Ayaan was very fortunate to battle out the disease.

Emraan Hashmi with his son Ayan

Emraan Hashmi is the first person to open a cancer care hospital that will treat cancer patients all across the nation for free. This initiative is a part of a newly launched NGO which is named ‘New India’ and started by a Bangalore based couple, Vijay Tata and wife Amrita Tata. The couple had a dream to launch this NGO and they have invested Rs 200 crore in it. This is a cashless cancer care hospital for the underprivileged. This NGO will not accept donations from any other external agency.

When someone from your family is not well it traumatizes everyone when they see their own someone battling with the disease – imagine how it would be when a life-threatening disease such as cancer targets someone close to you. Life has a new meaning when you live it again. The ‘Jannat’ actor has always been helping in spreading the awareness of the disease and Hashmi has also written a book narrating how difficult is the time when you get to know that your 4-year-old son who has just started seeing his own life gets this kind of a deadly disease. In the book, there are lots of things like how we need to keep our lifestyle healthy and change for better.

Hashmi at the inauguration of New India hospital | Photo: newindianexpress.com

The actor at the launch of New India said, “I have very closely seen the pain which cancer patients and their family goes through. NEW INDIA’s initiative to create new hope for poor cancer patients is worth appreciating and I am glad that individuals like Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs. Amrita Tata are coming forward to take this novel step.”

Preview Photo: filmibeat.com

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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  1. insahallha aap kai beta thik hogai sir bouth sara gareeb insan hai cancer sai larai jisy kai pass paise nhi hai aap bouth achay kaam karay allah aap ku kamyabi dai

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