F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton : Interesting Facts About His Drive To Success

The Formula One champion, Lewis Hamilton celebrates his birthday today. Born in Hertfordshire, England, the man is known for his phenomenal success as an F1 driver. Many people across the globe just dream of watching an F1 race let alone drive an F1 car!

Hamilton’s drive to success wasn’t a smooth one. There were unforeseen curves and bends and crazy bumps that were enough for someone to apply brakes. Here are 5 facts about his life that will tell you more about his journey.

1. He gets his name from his grandfather:

Lewis’ grandfather, was named Davidson Hamilton. He moved to England from the Caribbean island of Grenada. Lewis Hamilton’s full name is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, named after his grandfather who drove a bus in Grenada.

2. His father supported his unconventional dream:

Hamilton’s father, Anthony Hamilton, supported him throughout his journey, right from childhood. Hamilton was only 6 when he got his first go-kart as a Christmas present. in 1991 his father bought him his first radio-controlled car. Also, for a few years, Anthony Hamilton was Lewis Hamilton’s manager. Some reports say that for his son’s dream he had given up his IT job and became a contractor.

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3. If he would not have been an F1 driver, Hamilton would have been a footballer:

Hamilton played association football for his school (The John Henry Newman School) team with England international midfielder Ashley Young. He is reported to have said that if Formula One wouldn’t have worked out he would have been a footballer. He is a fan of Arsenal.

4. He was the youngest driver to be taken in by an F1 team:

He was only 13 when he signed his contract with McLaren. A few years before this, Hamilton is said to have walked to the principal of McLaren Ron Dennis at the Autosport Awards ceremony and told him, “I want to race for you one day … I want to race for McLaren.”

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5. He is the only driver to have won at least one race in every season he competed:

Hamilton was with McLaren from 2007 to 2012 and then on with Mercedes from 2013. He is the only driver in the entire world to have won at least one race in every season he competed in. Some say this is because of his dedication. He is known to wear his helmet even during training and in the night to increase the strength of his neck! His helmet, until 2014, was painted yellow as his father had once painted his helmet yellow to identify him during his go-kart races.

Hamilton has won over 53 Grand Prix races and continues to charm his fans around the world.

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