3 Fascinating Places On Earth That Are Straight Out Of A Fairytale!

The people who write fairytales must have been inspired by these real places on Earth that very fascinating!

This article is going to blow your mind because we are taking you on a small journey to three places that will leave you spellbound.

Not many people know about these places. Have you ever thought about a beautiful natural tunnel that makes your wishes come true? Or about a desert that has traces of sand from another planet? Whoa! Now that is something!

Read on!


Photo: Taiga

This place is in Kelvin, Ukraine and is a 1.8-mile long tunnel made of plants and leaves. This fascinating place will stun any person the minute they see it! The story behind this tunnel is that it was carved out naturally because of a train that passed through it three times every day. This train delivers wood to a nearby factory. The tunnel has thus taken the shape of the train.

Legend has it that this tunnel fulfills wishes of lovers who love each other truly and thus is a very popular spot for lovers and tourists.


Photo: Filipe Frazao

This desert that is located part in Peru and part in Chile is very famous. Do you know why? The sand samples taken from the Atacama desert are very similar to the sand samples taken from Mars! Isn’t that truly fascinating? It is this desert that builds a link between the Earth and the universe.

This desert is the driest place on Earth – seven times drier than the Death Valley. It is a plateau that extends along the Pacific Coasts and is 600 miles long.


Photo: The Veox

This lake is fondly known as the bubblegum lake because when it is viewed from the air it appears bubblegum pink and transparent pink from the air! The lake that is located in Australia, has been the subject of curiosity for many people across the globe because of its unusual colour.

Upon investigating it has been found out that the lake can be pink maybe because it has a very high salt content or because of the pigments found in the lake’s algae and bacteria.

Aren’t these straight from a fairy tale? Put them on your bucket list now! They are un-missable!

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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