When We Feel Life Is Getting Boring And Uninteresting…

A housewife thought her life was very much boring. She felt ignored and alone. What did she do next? She became a successful author!

Anna-Maria Athanasiou, was a British house-wife. She got married and settled in Cyprus and gave birth to two boys. All her time was spent in caring for her husband and children with no time left for herself. The idea of taking up a job didn’t cross her mind. She was happy in how her life was initially but after a few years she started feeling lonely as her sons grew up and her husband was also focusing on his profession. She felt ignored and alone.

Her life was monotonous, her days were getting boring. Her enthusiasm faded away. Looking at how she was feeling, her brother advised her to read. Following her brother’s advice, she began reading and read many books.

One fine day she thought that she could write as well. She had never written anything in the past but she decided to give it an attempt anyway, to pass her time and to add some change in her life. Once she began writing, she liked it very much. Soon writing became her passion.

She started noting down every idea that struck her mind. In fact, she even wrote her ideas down behind shopping bills or on any piece of paper paper that was lying around. Eventually, these ideas began taking shape.

Watching her working on the computer, her sons often asked, “Do you even know how to use a computer, mom? Why are you interested in it anyway?”

Her sons must have never imagined that their mother used the computer because she wanted to write. It didn’t take long for her turn writing into her passion. And soon those ideas had taken the shape of an erotic romantic novel.

After completing the novel she thought,“What next?” She told her brother, Anthony about the novel. Anthony was excited on hearing about it and extended help. He found a publisher for her novel, crossing all the hurdles that came his way. Anna-Maria was enthralled.

Her novel ‘Waiting For Summer’, was published and took the markets by storm. Anna-Maria Athanasiou became a popular author. Once after she became a published writer, she said, “I never got any professional training to become a writer, I learnt on my own. I never told my husband and sons that I am writing a novel. I kept on writing whenever an idea struck my mind. That is how I wrote, ‘Waiting For Summer’.”

Whenever you feel that your life has become boring, take inspiration from Anna-Maria Athanasiou.

Aashu Patel
Aashu Patel

Aashu Patel is a writer, who has written on a variety of genres ranging from crime to inspirational. 40 books written by him are published. He has worked as an editor of many leading newspapers. He has written many novels. Well-known film director Tigmanshu Dhulia is making a Hindi film based on his English novel 'Madam X'.

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