Feeling Very Tired Lately? Here Is What To Do

Sometimes we feel tired for no reason at all and yet the ‘why’ bothers us tremendously. Our fatigue stops us from doing anything fundamental and clogs our energy supplies.

One of the major causes of fatigue has been stress. One of the major causes of stress has been worrying. Understand this – fearing a certain outcome is not going to solve any problem nor is it going to make it go any faster. Another major cause is not crying out for help.

Here is what to do when you feel drained:

1. Set a certain time to worry:

Like we set aside half an hour for lunch, set aside half an hour for worrying. Worry as much as you want to in that time slot and once the clock ticks 30 – quit worrying. This is if you can’t help worrying. Like we said before, worry does not solve anything, it, in fact, makes you more lethargic.

2. Ask for help:

If you are constantly tired, there might be two reasons behind it – either physical or mental. For both the reasons, we have professionals who are ready to help us out. Seek help. What is so wrong in it? You can also ask for help from your parents, friends or your better half when you cannot take it anymore.

3. Stop questioning yourself constantly:

We have a tendency of questioning our every action and assuming that the lives of others are better than ours and how ours suck. But remember this, everyone thinks that. No one’s life is perfect. So stop questioning what you are doing with your life – it gets exhausting if you do that whole day. Question constructively and for a fixed period of time.

4. Start taking out time for yourself:

We all have responsibilities, personal and professional. In the constant churning and straining, we forget to pamper ourselves. We forget to take care of our needs and end up ignoring any kind of self-care. Make it a habit to spend some time only with yourself, doing something you love every day. It will help immensely!

5. Do these psychological tricks:

Drinking something drastically cold or seeing the fight or flight colour, red can help according to an article on redbookmag.com. They also suggest taking a whiff of peppermint. You can also drink peppermint tea when you feel really tired. It will surely help.

Try these solutions and let us know how you feel!

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

Traveller | Writer | Photographer | Maverick | Social Worker | Lawyer | A freedom-loving woman for whom words are like wings to her soul. She believes in aliens, hates boundaries and lives like the first human on Earth.

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