Flyboarding – India’s First Destination To Rise Above The Waters Is Now Open

Have you been awestruck at the amazing movie scenes where you see the actor flyboarding over the water and fighting with the antagonist? Let me remind you about one such movie. Bang! Bang! saw Hrithik Roshan doing a flyboarding stunt that got the movie buffs talking.

While there were no places in India where you could literally fly on a board, there is one open now, finally! Where? Guess the place. It is the party capital of India.

Yes, Goa!

Flyboard Nation and the famous Atlantis water sports has launched yet another water sport to add to the list of the already-superb water sport activities that happen in Goa.

So how does flyboarding work?

The PWC (personal water craft like a jet ski) in the flyboard provides you with all the propulsion that is needed for the sport. The thrust that is developed by the PWC is channeled through a hose. It is a 3D flight – that means you can not only fly over the water or under it for 18metres! You have all the freedom to do so.

Once you are strapped with a life jacket and ready to board, you must lie flat on your stomach on the water. Once the jet engine is turned on, you will feel a force of water and instead of being propelled upwards, you will slide on water horizontally. Gradually, the flyboard handler will gradually increase the thrust. Then you bend your legs near your waist, which will help you propel upwards. Not rocket science right?

Flyboards were invented and patented by Franky Zapata. Even since then, they have been a rage. And you’ll take only 10mins to learn how to balance yourself on the flyboard. As it has its own buoyancy, it will float on water.

So how much does it cost to flyboard in Goa? For 15mins, it costs ₹3,999, for 20 mins it costs ₹4,999 and for 30mins it costs ₹6,499. For the first two packages, photos and video cost is an additional ₹500.

The adventure takes place at Chapora river in North Goa (some distance from the famous Chapora/Dil Chahta Hai fort). All the water sports in monsoon are shut in Goa so if you want to do flyboarding, visit anytime between October-May.

Happy flyboarding!

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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