Genuises Who Were Valued Only After Death – Anthony, Greco, Mendel

Part 2

Here is the second part of the series about geniuses who were born ahead of time and valued only after their death.

Heer Khant

What exactly is the meaning of this term ‘genius’ we are talking about? If we trace the origins of the term, it goes to Roman mythology where in it meant, ‘the divine element of a person, place or thing’, when we attempt to define genius in a layman’s language, it will be a person with exceptional abilities and a very high IQ.

But, let’s take a little while to explore that. Would a certain IQ level be the only criteria for a person to be called a genius? Or could we consider what insight and how much potential lies in their thinking? Till then, let’s know more about those people who were valued in the future, after every voice of their soul was silenced because it spoke of awareness, of ideas and of change. Here are a few more:


She was charged with violating the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. That amendment, adopted in 1868 after the Civil War, was intended to guarantee blacks the same rights as whites. It forbade any state to deny “the right to vote … to any of the male inhabitants”.  In 1872, she led a group of a few women to get themselves registers as voters because she thought that women should also be able to vote, they should also have a voice. The court tried her, by tried we can also say, it tried to break her will even thought the court was unreasonable. She was fined as the punishment but she refused to pay the fine and no efforts were made by the court to collect it. She was a woman of character who stood by what she believed in. Till her death, she fought for the rights of women to vote but to no avail. Then, thirteen years after her death, the women in US got the right to vote, in 1919. And that is not it, in 1979, she was the first woman whose face was put on a dollar coin! A woman who was punished for asking for her right to vote was then honoured so much! What contradiction!


He was a painter, architect and sculptor during the Spanish Renaissance who was born in 1541. He moved to Rome in 1570 and opened a workshop in hopes of allowing his artistic career to flourish and lived within the artistic community. He used new and original style but did not enjoy the King’s favour back then. His work was refused just because it was different. To state even more his work was many a times called ‘ridiculous; and ‘unworthy’ of attention or recognition. Then with the advent of the 20th century, he was highly appreciated! Suddenly his works were a creation in themselves, a creation of a school of art. He was regarded to be ahead of his time and became an example for many other painters to come. Maybe there was the need of only a few people to be courageous enough and appreciate his work but we can say they didn’t, they didn’t dare to go against the majority.


Nobody back then took him seriously, he explained genetic inheritance. He is the one whose experiments on genetics were not taken seriously but he invented two laws which still form the ABC of genetics. People thought he was almost insane as he had frequent psychological breakdowns. Forget about taking his theories seriously, he found it difficult to even have a normal conversation with anybody as people were afraid of him, thinking he was a lunatic. Among the most famous discoveries he did was cross breeding two pea plants to produce a completely new variety. Back then he was laughed on, today he is the ‘FATHER OF GENETICS’. We failed to value that man who explained who we are and how we could come in this world! Tragedy.

More parts in this series will be uploaded soon!

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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