How Good An Idea Was Diageo’s Jane Walker? Really A Whiskey For Women?

Celebrate Women’s Day with ‘Johnnie Walker’s new edition for females ‘Jane Walker’ or don’t. The internet went crazy after the announcement of a whiskey for women and then there was the backlash.

This year, world’s leading Whiskey brand ‘Johnnie Walker’ has announced a new limited edition for women to celebrate the International Women’s Day by releasing ‘Jane Walker’ whiskey special edition. Yes, Jane and Johnnie.

The company realises that women are important consumers as well and the name ‘Jane Walker’ seems to be more appealing to them. The brand wants to please female whiskey drinkers. This is a very strategic and planned step which is aimed at increasing the customer base in the world.

You must be wondering about the difference in taste between these two versions but there is no difference in the taste of this Scotch whiskey. There is just one difference is that in the new edition there is an image of a striding woman on the pack, instead of a man.

‘Jane Walker’ woman edition will be launched on the International Women’s Day (8th March) and the Whiskey giant will, after the sale of one bottle, donate $1 to the organisations which support women’s causes.

The Johnny Walker Vice President Stephanie Jacoby told Bloomberg, “Scotch as a category is seen as particularly intimidating by women, it’s a really exciting opportunity to invite women into the brand.”


A year before, in 2016 the company launched a campaign called ‘Keep Walking America’ which was specially designed to broaden the target audience groups like Veterans and Latinos. This year’s ‘Jane Walker’ is a campaign which is an extension of the former with only 2,50,000 bottles available for sale.

This idea by the company has not been received well by various people across the globe. An editorial in The Hindustan Times reads, “In a misplaced attempt to woo women, Diageo has decided to launch a special edition of its Johnnie Walker brand just in time for International Women’s Day, featuring a female logo – called Jane Walker. This is another in the tradition of what has been called “pinking” of products to make them seem woman-friendly…”

Due to a lot of backlash that was received, Jacoby later clarified, “This wasn’t about making a whiskey for women. We would never make anything that’s ‘for women’s palates.’ Taste buds have no gender,” but in vain.

Here is what Twitter said:


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