Say Goodbye To These 5 Myths About A Woman In The 21st Century

There is a problem with any mindset – that problem is lack of evolution and same applies when it comes to the mindset the society has about a woman.

Not just the Indian society but the across the world there are certain things which a woman must do and certain things which she must not. People adhere to these mindsets without growing up – without seeing the dynamic change that has come about in the definition of women.

Today, we are helping those people who are still stuck in certain mindsets. Let us redefine women.

1. Not all women go gaga over the colour pink:

Most people think that all females like the colour pink and it is their favourite. Let’s bust this myth! The truth is, so many women love the colour black. Some women don’t like pink. Some hate it!  All women don’t rush to buy pink clothes, purses, accessories and more. Period.

2. Not all women are golddiggers and would want the man to pay for them:

This is the 21st century. Even if it was the 18th, not all women want the man to pay the bill. Women would love to go Dutch or pay the complete bill themselves. Not all women depend on men for financial needs. Financial independence is not an antonym to womanhood. Women can are are, earning their own livelihood.

3. Not all women want to get married by the time they are 25:

The minute a woman turns 23-24, the entire society is suddenly concerned about marrying her off thinking that is the ‘best time’ for her to get married and it is in her ‘best interests’. Well, no. Most women would like to decide their own ‘best time’ for marriage. It could be 16, it could be 45, or even 70!  Their only goal in life is not marriage. Some want to spend their life studying or working or travelling!

4. Not all women hate sports and like cooking:

It is yet another mindset that all women hate sports – some of the biggest sports stars are women. Many women who aren’t stars find sports to be their passion and indulge in it on a daily basis. Also, not all women like cooking and aim at becoming great chefs to please the palate of their future husbands. Cooking is an option for women just like it is for men.

5. Not all women desire long hair, love lipsticks or scream when they meet:


Make-up is not gender-centric. Not all women want to sport long hair. Some like it blunt, some like it short, some like it long. Some women would wear no make-up at all, some would wear minimal while some would love thick red lipstick. Being a woman does not automatically make them make-up lovers.

Make things gender-neutral. No gender ought to act in a specific way. That is a myth.

There are a gazillion other myths that need to be busted about women. Tell us in the comments below about something that annoys you the most as a woman.

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

Traveller | Writer | Photographer | Maverick | Social Worker | Lawyer | A freedom-loving woman for whom words are like wings to her soul. She believes in aliens, hates boundaries and lives like the first human on Earth.

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