Google : Do You Know What The Word Means?


Google has been our saviour in almost every situation where we are in need of information. But what does the word ‘Google’ mean?

“Just Google it!”, “I am Googling it”, are phrases were hear every now and then. The search engine has become an inevitable part of our lives and our go-to virtual person when we are need of any information.

The search engine has also made us pretty lazy as we have every information on our fingertips at any given time of the day! This dominating company has also given rise to a new marketing arena with the introduction of ‘Google Ads’ a few years ago.

Google Play, Books, Music, Photos – name it and Google has it. But what does the name Google mean?

The world Google comes from the word Googol – a number coined by Milton Sirotta in 1920, who was the 9 year old nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner. While on a walk one day, Kasner asked his nephew that what should such a large number should be called, when Sirotta replied, ‘Googol’. Googol is a number that has the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. A Googol is larger than the total number of elementary particles in the universe. The number would be represented like this:


So how did the word ‘Google’ with an ‘e’ come into existence? It is explained by an article on The history goes like this, ‘Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, named their search engine after the term googol. In 1997, Larry was brainstorming names with other Stanford graduate students, including Sean Anderson, and looking at available domain names. Anderson miskeyed googol as “google” and found it available. Larry liked it and the name “Google” stuck. Google’s corporate headquarters is called the GooglePlex, an affectionately tongue-in-cheek reference to the origins of the company name.’

In an article on Softpedia News, the company had given a statement explaining its name. The statement said, “In fact, there isn’t a googol of anything in the universe — not stars, not dust particles, not atoms. Google’s use of the term reflects our mission to organize the world’s immense (seemingly infinite) amount of information and make it universally accessible and useful.” 

Quick Fact : As per an article in the Baltimore Son dated May 16, 2004, the great-niece of Kasner were exploring options to sue the search engine for using her uncle’s coined term ‘Googol’. She felt that the company owed the family something. However no suit was filed.

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