This Is How We Got Moving: The Story Of The Wheel

A chariot wheel carved into the wall of the sun temple at Konark, India.

From olden days, the wheel has modernized the lifestyle of mankind. Always quoted as the trademark of man’s invention, here is the real story behind the wheel. Let’s get to know lesser-known facts about the wheel from the origins of its invention to its present-day importance.

Around 3500 B.C, the wheel aided potter’s wheels in Mesopotamia. It was about three-hundred years prior to its use for transportation. Wheels were sustained to be used for tasks such as milling and irrigation in Middle Eastern societies.

Also, the first wheels were used for toys. In North America wheeled toys animals like ceramic dogs with wheel-legged. Then, James Macomb, on August 26, 1791, for hydropower for mills designed a horizontal, hollow water wheel in New Jersey, USA.

Stone wheel | Photo:

The discovery of curved piece, known as the wheel, seems to be the greatest influence in our daily life. Earlier, the foremost sources of transportation were the animals like the horse, and the cattle and camel as well.

The wheel thus introduced movement to our lives. All the means of transportation like bicycle, bike, car, train run on wheels. Takeoff and landing without the wheel would have been impossible for the airplane.

Medical science concedes prominence of the wheel in a wheel-chair. Physically disabled with deformed legs got a better life.

The wheel is a brilliant invention and has fixed wings to people’s lives. The arrival of the wheel is a new-fangled essence of search and pleasure which has motivated mankind.

Did you know that in Eastern Europe, a death-sentenced person was overextended across the face of a wheel and struck to death by an iron-rimmed wheel with a hammer struck across the person’s bones?

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