Gujarat Elections 2017 : Why This Village In Dwarka Will Not Vote This Year

Gujarat state’s 14th Legislative Assembly Election will be held on December 9 and 14. While most people are gearing up to vote and deciding who will they vote for, this village in Khambalia Taluka,  Devbhoomi Dwarka district of Gujarat will boycott the elections completely. Why?

11,000 plus voters of Dharampur village in Gujarat’s have refused to vote because they are tired of unfulfilled promises.

The villagers are deprived of basic amenities like water, a proper drainage system, roads and a lot of other facilities that are a norm in the 21st century. Dharampur has a population of 18,000-20,000 people who get water only for one month in the entire year – through the village’s water source. For the rest of the months in the year, they have to walk miles to fetch water for their daily needs in the scorching heat, leaving their kids at home unattended. If they cannot do that, they have to call for tankers and pay for it from their own pockets. Also, due to lack of a proper drainage system, the village is unable to dispose off the used water.

To make matters worse, the ‘kutcha’ roads in their village lead to numerous accidents every now and then which cause serious injuries to those who live in this village.

The villagers complain that the administration since decades has turned a blind eye to the people’s woes and refuses to do anything to help them. Those who stand for elections and ask for their votes, completely forget about them after they win the seat. Infuriated with this attitude, the people will boycott the upcoming elections.

Be it Congress, BJP, Swatantra party or any independent candidate representing the village’s Khambalia, constituency, no one has solved their issues.

Watch this video by  to hear it from the villager’s themselves (Video Courtesy : Hindustan Times) : 

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