Gut Feelings Are Really A Thing & They Can Help You Spot Lies


Gut feeling is the strongest weapon for a human. A human being can do anything when they follow their gut.

The gut feelings are extremely powerful  and they work 24×7. They originate from your subconscious mind and not from the conscious and your subconscious mind is never tired. The gut has a high capacity to turn around the whole game.

Gut feelings are the mixture of using combination of both logic and emotion when making a decision. This particular emotion or feeling is called as intuition.

Our gut feeling has the power to detect lies, faster and more accurately than a human brain.

There has been immense research on this subject that whether the gut can see what the mind cannot.

As per one study conducted in the year of 2009, the researchers asked the participants to watch the video of intimate confession statements, and were told to guess which one of them is true and which is false. Some of the volunteers there paid full attention to the video whereas the others were least interested. When the volunteers were asked to spot the lies in the videos, the ones who weren’t interested in seeing the video did better than the ones who were paying complete attention.

The researchers are not asking the human beings to condemn logic and embrace the intuition, but are asking them to not completely disregard the intuition. For some, their logical thinking is strong while for others it is their intuitive mind. Analyse which is strong in your own case.

As per a research paper in 2017, lying and language form a coalition. Researchers have believed that the human race first learned the process of faking stories and then came the use of language. The intention of lying originates in the sub-conscious and that intention takes form of a language to communicate the lie.

We all have an inherent power to spot lies due to the intuitive part of the brain which notices things which the conscious mind does not. This power to spot lies is an evolutionary power, which the human race possesses since ancient times.

Now let’s talk about our own experiences. How many times have you regretted ignoring your own intuition? How many times have you listened to your intuition and saved yourself? There is a voice inside your mind that is your very own oracle. Trust it.

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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