Whose Is The Hanging Dead Body At Padmavati Fort? Shocking Details Revealed After Other Messages Are Found At The Scene

The media today was abuzz with the news of how the body of a man was found hanging at Padmavati fort in Jaipur with the messages ‘Padmavati Ka Virodh’ (Protest Against Padmavati) and ‘Padmavati, Hum Sirf Putle Nahi Latkate’ (We don’t just hang effigies). There is more to it.

But there were other stones with messages that were found around the body at the fort. According to an India Today report, there were more than ten messages found near the body and not all were addressed to the makers of the film. Some were also addressed to the ones who are protesting against it!

Padmavati Ka Virodh Karne Walo Hum Kile Se Putle Nahi Latkate, Hum Me Hai Dum | Photo : indiatoday.in
Hum Sirf Putle Nahi Latkate Padmavati | Photo : indiatoday.in
Chetan Tantrik Mara Gaya | Photo : indiatoday.in
Chetan Tantrik Mara Gaya, Hum Putle Nahi Latkate, Allah ke bande, Hum Mein Hai Dum | Photo : indiatoday.in
Har Kafir Ka Yahi Hal Hoga | Photo : indiatoday.in

The man who was found hanging was known as Chetan Kumar, a 23-year old from Jaipur who has been referred to as ‘Chetan Tantrik’ in one of the messages that was found at the fort. The police say that the man was strangled using a plastic rope. They identified the body after his Aadhar card was found in his pocket.

Until now, we all thought that this was a sign of a protest against the filmmakers and cast of Padmavati. But other messages that say, ‘Har kafir ka yeh haal hoga’ and ‘Padmavati ka virodh karne walo, hum kile se sirf putle nahi latkate‘ – which directly point at the protesters and not the filmmakers.

These are the pictures that were found at the crime scene and reveal shocking details.

What do you think this means? Who is this message sent out to?

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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