Have You Heard About Cigarette Butts That Grow Into Plants? It’s True!

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Studies say that over 4 billion cigarette butts are found on Earth every year. Most of these are non-biodegradable. Imagine the impact on the environment!

While smoking is a harmful addiction, what is even more harmful is what smokers are doing to the environment. The butts that the smokers litter all around the planet are causing to be extremely harmful. Imagine, there are butts found on the Arctic Circle too that have not decomposed, adding to the already heavy burden of garbage on Earth.

These butts contain chemicals like Butane, Toulene, Acetic Acid etc. which are needed to keep the paper burning continuously. The filters are made from a kind of plastic.

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But a company, named Karma Tips – the name being suggestive of what goes around comes around – have a patented process wherein they manufacture cigarette butts that grow into plants later! This innovative idea also has a social cause – they employ women from rural households to make them self-sufficient and aid them in earning an income.

While you should actually kick the butt, instead of switching to this one – if you cannot do so or until you can finally give up on your daily nicotine intake, switch to the butts made by this company. As of now, they are accepting orders of wholesale booklets only but soon, these butts will be available in retail stores, starting with Mumbai.

Photo: amazon.in/Karma Tips

Karma Tips, whose foundation stones were laid by two people named Ved and Chetna use fruit and vegetable pulp to create the cigarette filters making them 100% biodegradable. During the process, they add seeds to the filters. These seeds are protected by a paper that absorbs all the tar that is generated during the process of smoking. Their manufacturing unit is currently functioning from Mallasandra, a small village near Bengaluru.

So what plants would grow out of these seeds? As of now it is Basil, Spinach, New Zealand Lawn Grass and Amaranth. They will soon grow carrots, daisies and petunias too! Isn’t that spectacular?

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  1. Hi, the Karma Tips have been developed and made by a company called Prasadam, based in Karnataka.

    The brand is Karma Tips. The company that makes them, is Prasadam Papers

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