Have You Read The Story Of These Cops Who Saved A Transgender From A Mob?

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Most of us in the society find it hard to accept anything that is out of the box or unusual. We often stand still as wrong happens right in front of our eyes simply because we do not want to get involved. ‘Who cares?’, is the normal mentality.

Some anti-social elements would go to the extent of getting brutally violent towards those who they cannot accept. One such incident happened recently in Hyderabad.

In Phoolbagh area of Hafiz Baba Nagar in Hyderabad, a 15-strong mob had killed a transgender and were raging against another. Constables Ravi and two of his colleagues rushed to the area to help rescue the person who was the target of the mob. We all know what are the odds when it is 3 against 1500!

“Our efforts to rescue another person resulted in us receiving blows and pushes. When the victim managed to come behind us, the public started abusing us for ‘saving the kidnappers’. They did not even allow us to shift the body to mortuary and victims to the hospital,” Ravi told The New Indian Express.

Two other inspectors, Y Prakash Reddy and N Shanker also faced the wrath of the mob.

Why was the mob attacking the transgenders? Because of a fake WhatsApp message! A fake WhatsApp forward was circulating in the city about kidnappers in Hyderabad city and the people took the law into their own hands without verifying the facts.

When the mob saw the policemen they tried to prevent them from doing their duty but the three courageous officers did not stop. Then the mob went a step ahead and started pelting stones at them when they had to lathi charge on them. This is how they saved the life of an innocent person.

The bravery of the three police officers was applauded.

Please do not circulate any message that is sent to you on WhatsApp or via SMS to you without checking its authenticity. Check the news for verification.

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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