Have You Seen These Brilliant Bollywood Murals In Mumbai?


Mumbai is one of the greatest hubs of talent in India. People living in the city travel every day but they might not have noticed these amazing ‘murals’ of the Bollywood artists made by the graphic designer and artist, ‘Ranjit Dahiya’, who is the brain behind creating these murals on the walls alone.

These are the artists whose murals you will spot in different parts of the city’s famous area – Bandra:

1) Rajesh Khanna:


The first ‘superstar’ of the country who gave 15 consecutive hits was Rajesh Khanna. This was the time when Ranjit Dahiya had heard about the demise of the superstar and he wanted to make a mural on him but did not have the means to make. Ranjit was helped by a friend and the mural was then made at ‘Pereira Road, Ranwar Village in Bandra West’. This mural has been rated as Dahiya’s best till now. When you go there you can see that Khanna is straight looking at you, with his goggles on his nose. The still is from his hit movie, Andaaz.

2) Amitabh Bachchan:


This is one is simply one of the best and the simplest. The location is again in Bandra West, when you walk towards Bandstand on the left side you’ll see a bungalow where the ‘Angry Young Man’ will be staring right at you. The mural encapsulates Bachchan in his early days when he is sitting on the chair, with the ‘786 badge’ rolled up on his left arm, legs on the table and waiting for Peter and his goons to come. This one is one of the most iconic scenes in Yash Chopra’s ‘Deewar’ which was a blockbuster.

3) Dev Anand:

Photo: freepressjournal.in

This is the most recent mural created by Ranjit Dahiya. The story behind this is that this was made on a personal request made by a fan. It is located at NM Design Studio, 17 Boran Road, right in front of the lane of Elco Arcafe, Hill Road in Bandra West.

4) Anarkali:


This was the first project done by the artist. The mural of Anarkali is located nearby Dukes Restaurant, which is in front of Narona Store on Chapel Road, Bandra West. When the artist was randomly walking down the Chapel Road and he knocked at a stranger’s road, requesting her for the wall which he wanted to borrow for the mural. The Catholic lady said yes and on the 23 feet high wall, the mural was made.

5) Nawazuddin Siddiqui:


This one is of one of the most talented actors currently in the industry, Nawazuddin Siddiqui. This one is from his movie Manjhi – The Mountain Man, where the actor is in a big beard. It is located in front of the Imbiss Restaurant on the Waroda Road, off Hill Road in Bandra West.

How many of these murals have you seen?

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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