Have You Visited The Andamans? They Are One Of The Coolest Places In India

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Andaman islands are one of the most trending places currently in India, the moment you land on the island the air itself will bring you tranquillity. There are only 9 islands for the tourists but you will not want to leave the place after seeing them all.

It is unbelievable that out of a whopping 572 islands, only 36 are inhabited. The islands are surrounded by blue water in major parts, there are corals all over with a richness in flora and fauna along with a beautiful marine life that will take your breath away!

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There are many reasons to visit the island once in a lifetime because days will be less, time will pass fast and your trip will be over in a blink. Each and every island has its own speciality. There are so many churches, jails of the ancient times and the rich culture of the island to get lost in. Recently, the tourism boomed in Andaman. People from across the globe are coming to the Andamans.

These 3 places make the island a must-visit:

1) Cellular Jail:

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This jail in the Andaman is related to the Indian history, freedom fighters like Batukeshwar Dutt, Vinayak Savarkar, and Yogendra Shukla were imprisoned by the Britishers during the struggle for independence. The magnificent structure of the jail is attractive because it is built as a seven wing prison. One wing has a total of 663 cells. There is a famous Cellular Jail light and sound show which you should not miss. The jail has been declared as a national museum so the timings are from morning 9 to 12 and then from 1 to 4:15, in the afternoon.

2) The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park:

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The National Park is at a distance of 18kms from the capital Port Blair. This is beautiful where you can be one with nature and enjoy complete peace. One of the coolest places in the Andaman islands, it has been pressed with 15 rough islands, and it is also secured with a tropical woodland. The Marine National Park is 35 years old. It is extremely rich in coral reefs, starfish, saltwater crocodiles, and birds like parakeets, special ocean hawks which have a white belly, the native Andaman Blue-Green and a lot more to gaze at.

3) Barren Island:

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This place is offbeat because it is only for the volcano lovers. This place is for people who want to see something different on their trip to the Andaman islands. Here comes the catch – to visit the Barren Island which is 138 km from the capital you need a permit. This place is can be visited by chartering a boat and only in the daytime, night stay is not permitted. Barren Island is a must visit because it is the only place in South Asia which has an active volcano, which looks breathtaking.

Have you been to the Andamans?

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