Here’s Why The Indian Army Forms The Backbone Of India

The police are there for the protection of the society and in the very same way, the Army is for the protection of the nation. Mostly, the youngsters say what difference it makes if I’m not in the Army. Let’s ask this to them: If robbers step into your house what you will do? Will you run away leaving your family in the robbers’ hands? Of course, you will not.

In India’s crowns, there are various gems. These gems are the various wings of our defence forces. One of those wings is the Indian Army. The Army plays a noteworthy task in protecting India’s borders. The safety and the strength of our country also depend upon them. A soldier, in spite of facing great dangers, keeps nightlong watchfulness on the borders. He stands daringly before his foes.

The Indian Army also plays a vital role in governing the unruly civilians during riots and protests. Army men sacrifice their life bravely for their motherland and stand by their motto, ‘Service Before Self.’


It is them who has to live miles away from their family while defending our country they go into the jaws the death. Their life is not a bed of roses but a path of the fire. For them, the defence of the country is most important. Have you wondered how difficult would it be for an army man or woman to leave their home after the holidays, not knowing if they will be able to come back or not?

The role which Indian Army during the four Indo-Pak wars is exemplary.

During the Kargil War of 1999, our soldiers fought bravely and defended our country. Army men fight in the toughest territories on the plains, mountains, and forests. They handle the rescue operations during natural disasters such as the floods, earthquake, cyclones, etc. Our army had successfully evacuated and saved lives of thousands of people during the flood in Jammu & Kashmir. They also set up relief and medical camps to help the affected people.

India is a powerful country. The Indian military forces are the third largest in the world. A soldier of Indian Army lives for the nation and dies for its dignity.

We all should feel proud of our Indian Army. A teacher, politician, sportsperson play their own roles through their abilities, but the role, which Indian Army plays while safeguarding the frontiers of the motherland, is most important and unique.

This article is a simple ode – without any special occasion – t0 the Indian army. Thank you for letting us sleep peacefully.

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