Here’s Why Women Love Watching TV Soaps In India


Even in the 21st century and in a fast-progressing country like India, it is difficult for a woman to work without facing a plethora of hurdles.  The reason being that is in most households, from a very small age the baby girl is given a view that woman in the family should be  making roti and sabjee in the kitchen – giving a bad impression that women are meant to do just that. The environment in which you grow has a significant impact on how you think. So the little girls who grow up with this mentality, do not become empowered women unless otherwise exposed to better mindsets. They imitate their mothers in most of the things, throughout their lives.

But one of the most interesting part of imitating is watching TV soaps on various channels. They rush towards TV for that particular time and drop off whatever they were doing to only watch that episode. I still remember how I had made my way through the traffic only to prevent missing the telecast of my favourite show.

Even though most TV soaps are exaggerated drama and we know that it only is simple nonsense, why do we watch it?

Because the characters that play a role in the TV soaps represent what most of us are going through and exhibit many character traits that we possess. This creates a good feel when you connect with the character on TV and see how the story progresses.

Human psychology is at the crux of this issue. When a protagonist female in the TV soap does something heroic, it gives a false sense of gratification to the women watching the serial as well. When something wrong happens to her, the women too feel wronged. The TV soaps offer a chance to live a life, much different than what it is today.

And also other point is most women are interested in watching serials more than movies. Because most can’t go to theaters often to watch movies and also since they don’t work they can’t get money to pay for such costly ticket. Whereas in serial they can watch the episode daily at the same timing at monthly or yearly payment to the cable operators.

But according to my view watching serials also creates unnecessary issues in the mind that then work as a devil’s workshop.  It is better to not get influenced by such TV soaps that are looking for TRPs.

S. Karthika
S. Karthika

A Tamilian girl from Chennai, who loves travelling & gathering new experiences in her backpack. An engineer cum writer who has immense knowledge of words. Her articles are dedicated to those who have the zeal to achieve their dreams and who believe they can.

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