Mind- Blowing Historical Facts About Rani Padmavati, Raja Ratan Singh & Sultan Alauddin Khilji

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus Padmavati starring Deepika Padukone who essays the role of ‘Rani Padmini’, Shahid Kapoor plays the role of her husband ‘Maharawal Ratan Singh’ and the antagonist of the movie ‘Sultan Alauddin Khilji’ played by Ranveer Singh seems to have been taking small steps towards getting the movie released under any circumstances.

Recently, The CBFC has cleared the movie viewed under the team of Prasoon Joshi passed the film with ‘Universal/Adult’ certificate with some minor cuts, but here is the catch the title of the movie has to be changed from ‘Padmavati’ to ‘Padmavat’.

The panel consisted of a Royal, Shri Arvind Singh who hails from Udaipur, historians Dr. Chandramani Singh and Professor KK Singh of the Jaipur University. The movie was also reviewed by the members of the Rajput community.

The feedback and opinions of the historians were very viable surrounding the circumstances revolving around the movie from so many states in the country, many political parties who have issued death threats against the artists and director of the movie. The decision taken is the most appropriately suited to the interest of the artistic freedom and to not hurt the sentiments of the people.

Some other modifications involve in the famous song of the movie ‘Ghoomar’ in which the suitable character of the queen is portrayed and to not glorify the practice of ‘Sati’ for which a disclaimer is also added.

This incident had also taken place at the time of director Prakash Jha’s movie ‘Aarakshan’ and Ashutosh Gowariker’s ‘Jodha Akbar’.

While the edits are done let’s read some interesting facts. There are many interesting, unknown facts about the central characters in the movie Deepika Padukone who is playing the role of Queen Padmavati, her husband Rajput King Maharawal Ratan Singh’s role is essayed by Shahid Kapur and the antagonist of the film Ranveer Singh who is in the role of Sultan Alauddin Khilji:

Lesser known facts about Queen Padmini aka Padmavati:

1) Rani Padmini was a Sri Lankan:

There is a beautiful kingdom of Simhala ( Sinhala) Dvipa, which now falls in Sri Lanka. A princess named Padmini lived there.

2) Rani Padmini’s heart was won by a contest, fulfilled by Raja Ratan Singh:

There is a poem Padmavati written by an author named Jayasi which explains her life well. Rana Ratan Singh went to Simhala-Dvipa in Sri Lanka, defeated many kings there and then won Padmini’s heart.

3) There was a talking parrot in Padmini’s palace:

Queen Padmini had a speaking parrot in her place. Parrot’s name was Hira-Mani, and the parrot was a very trustworthy confidante of Padmini. Hira-Mani narrated stories about the beauty of Queen Pamini to the King of Chittor, Raja Ratan Singh.

Unknown facts about Raja Ratan Singh:

1) Raja Ratan Singh the king:

Maharawal Ratan Singh aka Raja Ratan Singh was the king of Mewar from 1301 and 1303.

2) Rani Padmini was Raja Ratan Singh’s second wife:

Raja Ratan Singh’s second wife was Rani Padmini. Raja Ratan Singh went to the Sinhala island to marry Raja Gandharva Sen and wife Queen Champavati’s daughter Padmini, winning over heart by competing with all kings.

3) Raghav Chaitanya, a magician in Ratan Singh’s court started all the wars in the history:

Raghav Chaitanya was at the post of a Raj Purohit in Raja Ratan Singh’s court. Raghav Chaitanya had an immense hold in black magic and was a sorcerer as per folk stories. When Ratan Singh came to know about Raghav’s reality he removed him from the post and court, insulting him.

Raghav Chaitanya could not take this and headed straight to Delhi’s Sultan Alauddin Khilji, to take revenge. Chaitanya told Khilji about Queen Padmini’s beauty. This is where it all started from, as per folk tales. The truth is not known yet.

The main antagonist Sultan Alauddin Khilji:

1) Most powerful and dangerous in the Khilji dynasty:

Alauddin Khilji was the second sultan of the Khilji dynasty and the most powerful leader. Khilji killed his uncle and father in law Jalal-ud-Din Khilji to rule the Khilji dynasty. Khilji ruled the dynasty between 1296 to 1316.

2) Self-Proclaimed second Alexander:

Alauddin Khilji called himself the second Alexander, as he was extremely ambitious, giving himself a title of ‘Sikander-i-Sani’.

3) Khilji was obsessed for Queen Padmini:

Alauddin Khilji was obsessed of the beautiful Queen Padmini. Sultan Alauddin Khilji wanted to see Queen Padmini, as he had just seen the reflection of her’s in a mirror. For that he decided to conquer Chittor, to win Padmini away. Khilji conquered Chittor but could not see Queen Padmini as she had committed Jauhar – she jumped in the well of fire with many other females.

4) Alauddin’s greatest aid was army chief Malik Kafur:

Khilji discovered Kafur while conquering Gujarat. Malik Kafur was very smart and a powerful army chief. Gradually Kafur helped Khilji conquering many states.

As per speculations it is to be believed that Alauddin Khilji was killed by Malik Kafur, in 1316.

History is full of fascinating stories, isn’t it?

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