Holding Your Sneeze? It Might Land You In The Hospital!

You are suffering from cold and you can’t help but go to work. In the middle of a meeting, you get a sneezing sensation but you pinch your nose and hold it back, thinking it is harmless. It is not!

A 34-year old man in Britain was recently hospitalised because he held his sneeze as he thought that it was unhygienic to sneeze in a public area! He was hospitalised for two weeks due to the injury caused in his neck after he held his sneeze.

The medical journal, BMJ Case Reports, published a study on how holding your sneeze can cause crackling in the neck.  The study stated how the man pinched his nose and shut his mouth to prevent a sneeze. he told the doctors that he felt the popping sensation in his neck. Eventually, his throat started to pain and his voice changed. That is when he got himself admitted to the hospital. He has been doing this for the last 30 years or so! The air bubbles that are supposed to come out during the sneeze were stuck into his tissues causing severe damage.

Next time, don’t hold your sneeze. Do aahchoo!

Photo: healthywomen.org

Why Do We Sneeze?

Sneezing is a natural way through which our body rids itself of irritants that have gotten into our nasal passages. Sometimes we sneeze in a row, which again, is a repeated natural reflex by a human body to get rid of the bad particles that get into our nose due to dust, pollution etc.

So how does it work? The second a foreign particle comes into contact with our nasal passages, it sends out an electric signal to our brain. Almost immediately, the neurons in our brain, send a signal back resulting in contraction of muscles – this is why our eyes are forced shut when we sneeze.

According to a study published in 2012, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania published a report that stated that the cells that line the inside of the nose (cilia) reboot with a sneeze, thereby filtering the air we breathe.

Did you know that a small sneeze played such an important role in our lives?

Heer Khant
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