How Much Do You Know About Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle is trending on the internet as she is the beau of the Prince of ‘Wales’ ‘Prince Harry, who is the younger son of Prince Charles, the next in line to the British throne. Meghan has been mentioned in the list of ‘100 most influential people in the World’ by the Forbes magazine.

The duo Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their marriage right after their engagement on 27th November 2017. The actress has appeared in many small roles in various American television series, but after she got into the character of ‘Rachel Zane’ in ‘Suits’, a legal drama, she gained momentum in her career. But it is sad that Markle will be taking retirement from acting after her marriage, as she will be performing all the royal duties and the couple will be living in the ‘Nottingham Cottage’ in London, which is on the grounds of Kensington Palace.

Here we present some lesser known about this half Caucasian and half American-African:


1) Can you believe she wrote celebrity wedding invitations? While trying for her break in Hollywood, she used to work as a freelance ‘calligrapher’ for ‘Dolce & Gabbana’. Calligraphy also financially supported her in early days. This also includes the experience which Meghan had during the wedding of ‘Robin Thicke and Paulo Patton’ in 2005 – the wedding invitations were written by ‘Markle’.

 2) Meghan Markle is also a gender equality campaigner, right from the age of eleven. Many things about her are incredible. She is an advocate for United Nations Women (for political participation and leadership), Markle has been a women rights activist since the age of 11. She is a firm believer in the equality of women and she wants to do maximum possible for this. She is also an ambassador for Canada’s World Vision Clean Water Campaign and a racial equality campaigner.

Prince Harry
& Meghan Markle | Photo: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

3) Meghan has worked in a US embassy, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Markle is very much well-versed in Argentinian Spanish because she has lived there.

4) Her name is ‘Rachel’ in the legal drama TV series, ‘Suits’ and surprisingly it is her real name too! Meghan is not her real name, ‘Rachel’ is. She uses ‘Meghan’ as there are many stars worldwide who use their middle name. Her full name is Rachel Meghan Markle.


 5) Once married to Prince Harry, her status will not be ‘Princess Meghan’. According to the Daily Telegraph, “ This is a title only given to those born in the Royal Family.”

Meghan Markle will be referred to as the Duchess, ‘HRH’, which means (Her Royal Highness). ‘Rachel’ will become the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry will be named as the Duke of Sussex but only from the morning of their marriage.

If Prince Harry refuses this title, then his wife Meghan Markle will be called as the ‘Princess Henry of Wales’.

6) This seems to be a bit unbelievable but there are possibilities of the groom, Prince Harry, and Bride, Meghan Markle are technically related though distantly.

This came in the limelight when the ‘Daily Mail’ ran an investigation coming with a result that the couple is related as they share a 15th century, ancestor. The ancestor is High Sheriff of the County Durham, Ralph Bowes, whose family seat was the Streatlam Castle.


7) Meghan’s ‘foodie’ nature has played a vital role so far.

When Prince Harry and Meghan were preparing for a ‘roasted chicken’ this was the time when Prince proposed her for the engagement. In an interview with the BBC the duo said this. Since then this is called as the concept of ‘engagement chicken’.

Meghan Markle has called herself a big foodie. In the month of June, she told ‘Good Housekeeping’ that her signature dish is ‘a roasted chicken, and clearly, she’s pretty good at it’.

How many facts did you already know about the beautiful Meghan?

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