How Much Does The Human Soul Weigh?

You must be aware about the experiment that led to the conclusion that the human soul weighs 21gms! Read all about it here.

In 1901, Duncan MacDougall, who was a physician from Massachusetts wondered whether the human soul had mass – whether it can be weighed. He decided to find out. The next thing he did was identify six patients at different nursing homes whose death was inevitable. While choosing these six patients, he made sure that he chooses the ones who suffered from physical exhaustion, so they would remain still during the experiment.

Out of the six chosen ones, four suffered from tuberculosis, one from diabetes and another one whose condition was unknown. Five were men and one was a woman. The beds of these six patients were placed on a huge scale to accurately measure their weight when they were alive and when they were dead. This scale was sensitive with two-tenths of an ounce.

When they all died, one patient lost 21.3gms of weight at the time of death. Others, too lost weight but one put it back on and one lost even more weight after a while. MacDougall disregarded the findings of all the other patients on the grounds that there was an error in adjusting the scales.

This report, about weighing the human soul was published in 1907 – years later. However, the results were somehow leaked and an article in The New York Times ran the story even before the publication of the report in the Journal Of the American Society for Psychical Research. MacDougall said that the results of this experiment can be held conclusive only after the experiment was repeated several times.

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Although MacDougall’s findings were heavily ridiculed, the idea that the human soul had weight was popularized and became the subject of a motion picture titled ’21 grams’. The idea was also explored in other forms of broadcasting and publication.

It is also said that MacDougall claimed that only humans had souls and animals did not. He repeated the same experiment with dogs.

Famous writer Dan Brown’s novel, ‘The Lost Symbol’ contains a chapter on the same subject, explaining some amazing experiments. Katherine Solomon who is one of the protagonists in the film successfully weighs the human soul in the book. The author writers, ‘Our soul is a material substance which can exist outside the body and can have weight.’

There was another researcher named, Lyell Watson from the University Of New York who conducted a similar experiment to weigh the human soul and found out that the subjects of his experiment became 2.5-6.5 grams lighter. Doctor of Science Eugenyus Kugis from the Institute of Semiconductors of the Lithuania Academy of Sciences in 2006, also achieved similar results.

There were other findings that a decrease in weight happened even during sleep. These findings were arrived at by Swiss scientists.

So does the soul have weight? Yes. How much? Science still has to get there.

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