Hyperloop In India : How Will It Increase Connectivity And Decrease Travel Time?

Hyperloop is the best innovation currently for the transport system in India. Hyperloop saves time, and for any human time is money.

This mode of travel is the brainchild of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc (HTT), invented by Tesla Founder, Elon Musk of United States. Hyperloop is a sealed tube which will travel in a friction-less environment without any disturbances – super fast – faster than a jet craft. Hyperloop will be designing India’s first project connecting from Amravati to Vijayawada, which will be a 6 minute ride!

Basically Hyperloop is a tube in which passengers can sit and travel free of air resistance at an optimal speed and acceleration. Hyperloop travels nearly at a speed of 1000 kms per hour, can touch 1,200 kms!

Hyperloop can also decrease the time taken in transportation of goods. Currently, goods are taken through freight trains and even flights but both are costly and time consuming. Hyperloop will overcome all such factions as per their claims, increase the connectivity passage among the Indians. It tends to have the capacity to generate employment and works on the use of a renewable energy.

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Hyperloop is all ready for India and Indians, as technology will touch a new high, people will optimistically welcome this travel pod.

Bengaluru and Chennai Hyperloop is also in the pipeline, since the average time taken currently is around 6 hours to cover the distance of 350 kms. Once the Hyperloop is ready it will take 20 minutes.

For the Mumbaikars this is a moment of surprise as Mumbai’s CST Airport and Pune’s Purandar Airport will also be having the connectivity of a Hyperloop which will have the time of 13-14 minutes, according to a report in Deccan Chronicle.

We still have to see how well this gets implemented and how long the construction of such a mode of travel takes. We also wonder how much will be the cost to travel in this pod. Fingers crossed is all we can say for now.

Photo: telegram.hr

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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