This IAS Officer Paid A Very High Price For Honesty

Pradeep Kasni, Senior IAS officer Haryana at his residence in Sector 16 of Chandigarh on Friday. Express Photo by Kamleshwar Singh

One of the most difficult administrative government posts in the country is that of an Indian Administrative Service officer. To reach here people do all the sacrifices they can. There are so many stories of the honest officers coming out who are ‘punished’ for being too honest. Many IAS officers are termed as corrupt – not all are.

The tale of IAS officer Pradeep Kasni who in 34 years has been transferred 71 times is worth knowing. He is known for standing stiffly by the right things. As a teenager, Kasni used to help his father in writing articles against injustices to the Prime Minister. His father led the farmer’s agitation against the Haryana Chief Minister, Bansilal.

Pradeep Kasni has retired six months ago and now he is living without a salary for six months. The reason why he retired is that he believes in honesty and has the guts to stand up for what is right.

Retired, Officer Kasni was posted as an Officer on Special Duty in Haryana Land Use Board, which as per the records of the government has not been in existence.


According to a report by News 18, “At the time of joining the Land Use Board, Kasni had asked authorities at the state government about the absence of staff and official files in his office. Failing to get an answer, he filed an application and sought reply under the RTI Act. Now, the Haryana government has admitted that the Board has not been in existence since 2008.”

IAS officer Pradeep Kasni has received lots of support on the social media to stand up against the corruption and injustice, which is why he has appealed to the Central Administrative Tribunal, which will decide on this case on 8th of March.

What’s worse? The IAS officer hasn’t been paid his salary for the last six months.

He has been a strong supporter of IAS Officer Ashok Khemka who was also transferred lots of times.

“Sometimes you know how a government or a minister would want a file to be treated. And when people like me act differently, the result is a transfer order in the evening,” Kasni told News 18.

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