Are You Being Ignored By Someone You Care About? Here’s What To Do

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While getting connected has become easy with the plethora of applications waiting to be downloaded out there, remaining connected has become a task. We might begin to care about someone and they might begin to ignore us – why? Simply because ignoring someone virtually is super easy and almost guilt-free.

So if you are being ignored, these are the 5 things you should do:

1. Stop bombarding them with messages and calls:


It’s fine to message twice or even thrice but if you continuously do so, in hope of a reply, you are going to end up being disappointed. It might be difficult to understand why the person has the time to ‘read’ your messages, but not ‘reply’ to it. But you’ve got to stop. If they are really ignoring you, ten messages won’t make a difference.

2. Stop wondering whether you did something wrong:


It is quite common to find people who are needy and attention-seeking today. And it is even more common to come across them virtually. Most of the times, they are ignoring you because someone else has stepped into their life or they are simply bored of you. Unless of course, you have really done something to hurt them, stop thinking that you said or did something wrong that is making them act like this. Grown-ups, talk. Virtual katti is for kids.

3. Stop stalking their social media posts and feeds:


There is a fine line between checking and stalking. They didn’t reply to your message but uploaded a pouting selfie? No big deal! It just shows how you are not their priority and how they should not be yours as well. They are not your ‘self-esteem boosters’ that you need them to reply to you.

4. Remember that everyone CAN live without someone else:


While there might be 0.01% of the 100% of people who actually die after someone leaves them, the rest of them can manage to live. It might not be easy, but people come and go in your life and that will continue to happen. You can fight to keep someone in your life but do that for the one who does not ‘ignore’ you and really deserves you.

5. Lastly, divert your mind and move on:


There are so many activities to indulge in, in the 21st century. Divert your mind to those and soon you’ll forget about the person’s ignorance and how you feel about it. Move on. Unfollow them if you need to. Do whatever it takes. Don’t linger on! The centre of the universe is the sun, not the one who is ignoring you.

P.S.: Remember that you are a beautiful person with a good heart.

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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