There Is More To India’s Defence Forces Than The Army, Navy & Air Force

You know about the General of Army, Air Chief Marshal of Air Force and Naval Commander of Navy. We have heard a lot about these three defence wings. But there is another face of national security, soldiers, and officers who will never be known for their work.  Let’s get to know about ‘commandos’ – these three wings of India’s defence forces are unsung heroes.




1. Formed in September 2004, this direct action force got its name from the name of bird  ‘GARUD’ – the divine bird in Hindu mythology. It was first named as ‘Tiger Force’.

2. It has the current strength of approximately 1080 personnel – the exact strength is classified information. The personnel are enlisted as ‘airmen’.

3. Once failed for the exam to be a part of this force, you can’t apply the next time. It is a one-shot wonder.

4. Its basic training course of 72 weeks which is the longest training course of any commando force.

5. CIJWS school in Mizoram is close to the area raging with war and jungle warfare.

6. Garud uses caterpillar technique to move forward while operation in the group of 4 at a time in a trek of 3.

7. The weapon used is imported from Israel like tar assault rifle, Block 17 and 19 pistols, Hackler and pipe submachine guns, Akm assault rifle, AK 47 assault rifle and Portman m4 carbine.

8. The Garud airmen wear the “Airman Beret Badge” on their caps. They are also parachute trained, and wear the para wings above the right pocket of their uniforms.


Photo: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class John L. Beeman, U.S. Navy. (Released)

1. MARCOS established in 1987 is a Special Forces unit of Indian Navy. The full form of MARCOS is Marine Commando Force.

2. The MARCOS officers are skilled of hopping into the water loaded with weapons. They are trained in amphibious warfare.

3. The MARCOS officers use finest weapons in the world like the Israeli TAR-21, one of the finest assault rifles in the world.

4. Only twenty percent candidates make through the HELL week of the first phase of the training. A lot of things are tested for tolerance to cold and pain, mental toughness and physical endurance.

5. Home base of training of the MARCOS is the INS Abhimanyu.

6. It’s not just the oceans they rule. Conducting special operations in all kinds of terrains and situations is their specialty.



1. National Security Guard is a special unit of the Indian Special Forces Established in 1984, under the Ministry of Home Affairs, following Operation Blue Star and the assassination of the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

2. The NSG Commandos holds fifth in the world of top forces.

3. NSG commandos are mainly of two groups – the (SAG) and the (SRG) The Special Action Group is an offensive wing comprises members drawn from the Indian Army. Special Rangers Group has members on delegation from central police organizations like the CRPF and the BSF. They also have a National Bomb Data Centre.

4. The NSG comprises a total personnel strength of 14,500.

5. Due to their black colour uniform and the black lines on their face, they are also called Black Cats.

6. The basic training period at the organization’s training centre lasts for 90 days.

7. The NSG Commandos are trained to only take headshots.

Live for nothing, die for something. Shouldn’t we be proud of them?

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