India’s First Astronomy Resort Is Something You Just Cannot Miss!

If you are that one wandering soul who attempts to star-gazes even in densely polluted cities of India, this resort is the just the place for you!

Most of us Indians have grown up watching films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai that talk about wishing on the shooting star and fills our heads with fantasies. Most urban folk have never even seen a shooting star. But now that is very much possible!

Photo: Astroport-Sariska/Facebook

Astroport Sariska – the name of your dream destination! Astroport Sariska is a resort in Rajasthan, located around 5kms away from the famous Sariska National Park. The name ‘Astroport’ sounds like a special port made to teleport you to the world of stars, doesn’t it?

Astroport Sariska has sessions on astrophotography, telescope making and has a trained person to help you pin-point those constellations which you have always seen in books.  That is what you do during the night. During the day, you can become an adventurer (star-gazer by night and adventurer by day – what a life!). You could visit the national park and indulge in some wildlife-gazing or sign up for other adrenaline-rushing activities like rock-climbing, camel safari and more!


Rajasthan has always been a land of unique beauty with its vast deserts spread out like the arms of God.

The addition of Astroport Sariska, which claims to be India’s first astronomy and adventure resort is a cherry on the already delicious cake!

Your friends in the United States have been going gaga over Wyoming’s camps that show you the real milkyway.

The next time they tell you that, you can tell them that apart from Ladakh and Kaza up North, we also have another place that is not in the North to see the Milkyway and wonder about the universe, right here in India!

Photo: Astroport-Sariska/Facebook

This resort that is eco-friendly has three options for accommodation. Galaxia royal family Swiss Tents priced at ₹13,000 that can fit in a family of four. Nebulae that is priced at ₹22,000 per night and can fit in eight adults and a small tent accommodation that can fit in three people called Comet. The prices are inclusive of meals.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Preview Photo: Astroport-Sariska/Facebook

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