Indulge In These Delicious 7 Comfort Foods When You Are Low For A Pick Me Up

You only need the light when it’s burning low, 

Comfort foods are the only way to go, 

They’ll make you feel warm when you’re missing home, 

Comfort foods will bring you up when you’re feeling low. 


What better way to highlight the dire importance of comfort foods than by putting a twist on the classic Passenger song?

Sure, they’ve been there, they’re done that, but they’re timeless staples, that you just can’t go wrong with!  For instant ‘pick-me-ups’ and ‘never-put-me-downs’ refer to this list of ‘7 Comfort foods that you just can’t go wrong with.’

1. Chocolate: Kiss me, close your eyes, don’t you miss me? Yes, you do. You miss chocolate. You should have some right now. It’s always a good time!

2. Maa Ki Daal: Very few things taste as great as Maa’s Daal! It’s warm, it’s “masaledaar” and it’ll always bring you back home!

Photo: NDTV Food

3. Ice Cream: Unlike most cold things, ice cream warms you up. Imagine the milky, flavourful dessert on your palate, melting against your tongue….don’t you just want to tuck in?

4. Cookies: This one’s a classic that takes you back to when you were 8. When all you ate was Oreos dipped in milk, and when no one rolled their eyes at you when you ate cookies for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

5. Paani Puri: Mumbai is home to perhaps the best street food the world has. The sour, spicy paani, and the crunchy, Puri can cure the moodiest of moods.


6. Popcorn: Salted, caramel, cheesy. It’s so versatile! Very few foods can calm the nerves like these crunchy, crispy snacks. Put your own unique twist on it, by mixing two flavours.

7. Donuts: Donut even get me started on these! Sweet, classic, and a ‘hole’ lot of loveliness, donuts are great to look at, and even better to eat.

Grab one of these foods if you’re ever feeling low! Just a bite or two, and your moodiness will go!

Aishwarya Kasliwal
Aishwarya Kasliwal

Just another millennial trying to figure life out. I’m almost always answering the question “Aish, where ya?” I love to write, eat, drink and am a certified bathroom singer. Sometimes I shove my opinions down other people’s throats through what I write.

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