Interesting Things About Rohit Sharma’s Life That Show That He Is Just Like Us

Rohit Sharma the Indian cricket team opener, one of the most successful batsmen in form is nicknamed as the ‘Hitman’ of the team. India recently celebrated his double century scoring 208 in 153 balls not-out opposite Sri Lanka in Mohali.

Hitman has proved that he can bat extremely strong, can lead a match, remain a stable captain and beat numerous records.

His journey has not been easy with many financial instabilities in family to out of form in cricket but he has emerged rock solid and never been out of focus.

Here are some interesting facts about Rohit Sharma:

1) Ro (his another nickname) is the only batsman in the world who has scored 3 double centuries till now; just at the age of 30.

2) Rohit Sharma is an egg lover and can do anything to eat them. Eggs aren’t allowed at his house, so he eats them while dining out. Once, he was challenged by a friend and he ended up eating 45 eggs in one go without much difficulty.

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3) Since childhood Sharma was passionate about cricket. His mother wanted him to study and take up a reputed job, as the family was not financially stable. His father had also lost his job in a transport company. He was pressured but he did what he wanted and started playing for Ranjhi, Indian Oil etc.

4) Hitman would have been a spinner if he had not followed the guidance of his coach. Rohit’s coach, Dinesh Lad saw the potential in him as a cricketer and pushed him to become a batsman. Sharma had started his career as a spinner.

5)  Virat Kohli, while revealing secrets of all team members had once said that Sharma loves to sleep and he sleeps a lot!

What more does Sharma have in store for India?

Preview Photo : The Indian Express

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