Here’s How Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Made 875 crore On The Stock Market In A Day

A few days ago, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was in the news as he made approximately Rs. 875 crore in just one day. How? That questions bothered many but the answer to that was pretty simple – the stock market.

Jhunjhunwala owns approximately 8% shares of the famous company – Titan. 8% shares translates roughly into over 7 crore shares valued at 782.05 (as of 10th November, 2017) per share. His total stake in the company can be valued at Rs .5000 crores.

Last week Titan announced a surge of 19% as Q2 profits that made the share price soar.  This stellar performance of ‘Jhunjhunwala’s favourite stock’ made him earn the unbelievable money. The share had touched a 52 week high of  824.65.

Photo: Niveza

So is it only Jhunjhunwala who can make money on the stock market?

Anyone can. The key to making money in NSE or BSE is to know what is the right to time buy and the right time to sell. Buy in small quantities at first and hold it for long term. Study the portfolios of various major investors and select a sector to understand. Be careful, not greedy.

Here we give you five stocks from Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s (he has around 27) portfolio that rose over 200% in 2017:

1. VIP Industries (BSE) – manufacturing of luggages & bags.

2. Spice Jet (BSE)  – airline.

3. Escorts (BSE) – manufacturing of engines, tractors, hydraulic shock absorbers etc.

4. Dewan Housing (NSE) – DHFL – housing finance company.

5.  Auro Pharma (NSE) – a pharmaceutical company.

This article is in no way a solicitation to buy or sell in NSE or BSE.


Heer Khant
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