Jacqueline Was Once Dating The Prince Of Bahrain

Jacqueline Fernandez has made her place in the Bollywood industry. Whether it is a dance number, cameo, a lead role – anything she does, she is hailed on by her fans. She seems well-suited now as a lead in the action movies.

But what do we know about her? Not everything.

She was a former model, she was the winner of the Miss Sri Lanka Universe Pageant of 2006.  Very few people know about her personal and past life. Fernandez once dated the ‘Prince of Bahrain’, ‘Sheikh Hassan bin Rashid al Khalifa’. He belongs to the royal family of Bahrain. The duo was in love with each other but then had to part ways.

We don’t know why they broke up but their different ambitions could be a reason. Currently, the Prince of Bahrain is a married man and both of them are happy in their own lives.  Some time back Jacqueline had said herself that they both dated each other.

The break up of the lovely couple was all of a sudden and it was speculated to be around the time when the actress entered the Indian film industry. The heartbroken Mr. Khalifa even released a music album named it ‘Jackie’ after it was official from both the sides.

Sheikh & Jackie | Photo: businessofcinema.com

There are some reports in the media wherein a close source revealed, “It is not just that. There are several factors at play here. Jackie has distanced herself from the prince over time. They were in a long distance relationship, which wasn’t the best scenario. Earlier she would make time for him, but suddenly she became ambitious about her career in films and that became a priority. It almost seemed like he was the only one interested in keeping this relationship alive.”

The source adds that Hassan never stopped her from signing films. “He was always supportive of her work, but she was the one to put the relationship on the backburner. They planned to get engaged but Jackie’s attitude changed. It was evident she was no longer interested in him. Their close friends know about the break-up. Hassan doesn’t want to talk about it because he wants to keep it private. He has let Jackie go and doesn’t want to be bitter over the separation.”

But there are always two sides to a story. We don’t know Jackie’s side.

A few years ago Fernandez made herself clear that the Prince and she were dating, she told to Mumbai Mirror, “ We were in a relationship but that was when we were kids. Now, everyone is perfectly happy doing their own thing. He is a married man now.”

Preview Photo: dnaindia.com

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