Kabir Series : 3 Dohas That People Of The 21st Century Can Learn From

Saint Kabir lived centuries ago but what he said is relevant even today, when humanity is getting extinct. There is wisdom in the years gone by, the wisdom which if we grasp, we could go miles ahead in becoming something. Something much greater than what we are today.

In our Kabir series, we bring you 3 dohas everytime of the mystic poet, to ponder upon.


1. चाह मिटी, चिंता मिटी मनवा बेपरवाह।
जिसको कुछ नहीं चाहिए वह शहनशाह॥

Kabir says, that the person who has no wishes and no worries has a free mind. The one who doesn’t want anything is the real king.

In the 21st century, most of the things work on the principle of making people want more, which needs to higher revenue – thus more money. Now for once, start thinking that if you wanted nothing, if your mind was stable enough to worry for nothing, what would you do? The answer to that is the key that unlocks our true potential. Atleast attempt to try.

2. माटी कहे कुम्हार से, तु क्या रौंदे मोय।
एक दिन ऐसा आएगा, मैं रौंदूगी तोय॥

This one has too much depth and it needs to be understood in the right sense. Kabir’s doha talks about how earth is telling the potter that there will come a time when what he is doing to the earth, will be done to me.

It is Saint Kabir’s insightful way of saying that what we do to others, others to do us. That the world is a cycle and what you do today will come back to you someday. Most of us in this century are self-obsessed, self-centered with no concern for anyone in need. Expect the same to happen to you, when you are in need. Change, while you can. Dig deep.

3. तिनका कबहुँ ना निंदये, जो पाँव तले होय ।
कबहुँ उड़ आँखो पड़े, पीर घानेरी होय ॥

Saint Kabir has presented an excellent metaphor in this doha. He says that don’t crush a blade of grass when it is under your feet. Should it rise up and fall in your eyes, it will cause you immense pain.

This one beautiful way of saying that no matter how small be a thing, we must never under-estimate it. Every thing, every person, matters. Great things have small beginnings. So the next time you decide to insult someone who is less fortunate then you in terms of money, position or fame, think twice. That same person can in the future, cause you great strife simply because you humiliated them.

Keep watching this space for more!

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