Kerala’s Brilliant Initiative To Tackle Plastic Waste Is An Example To Follow

We continue cribbing about woes after the plastic ban and how it has made life ‘inconvenient’. If we learn to look at the bigger picture, we’ll realise that our woes are actually preventing bigger woes for another life on Earth. Especially, the life in the sea.

What we should be doing now is something like what Kerala is doing.

In Kerala, when fishermen drew their nets out to catch fish, what they used to get along with the fishes was plastic! What would they do of the plastic that they caught? Nothing at all. They would throw back into the sea, which then got stuck into the throats of fishes and turtles, leading to a constant threat to aquatic life.


But now, things are different. 28 people from the fishing profession, out of whom two are women, do not throw this plastic back into the sea but collect it. After that, this plastic is shredded (in machines similar to our paper shredding machines).

This shredded plastic comes handy in road surfacing. It acts as a substitute to asphalt. How brilliant is that?

According to The Financial Express, ‘The advantage of using plastic waste as an asphalt substitute for road construction is that the melting point for plastic roads is around 66°C, compared to 50°C for conventional roads. Using recycled plastic is also a cheaper alternative: every kilometre of plastic road uses the equivalent of a million plastic bags, costing roughly 8% less than a conventional road.’


That’s a genius idea. This initiative is called the ‘Clean Sea’ or ‘Suchitwa Sagaram’. It also provides jobs to people in the plastic-shredding industry.

More people should take inspiration from the initiative. Gradually, we will be able to rid our oceans of plastic waste and the fishermen will get a catch that has more fish and no plastic.

The government could give perks and incentives to those who take part in this initiative as the cost of surfacing roads will come down.

What do you think?

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