Kerala’s Bus With Paintings Of Adult Stars Is A Tight Slap On The Face Of Hypocrisy

Finally! Finally, someone has the guts to come out in the open and say what everyone is saying behind closed doors.

If you decide to visit Kerala, don’t be surprised if you end up sitting in a bus that is painted with the faces of stars from the adult entertainment industry or brush past it. The bus has been in the news for quite some time now.

Painted in bold colours that are really vibrant, this bus with the faces of porn stars is a unique idea. Who ‘dared’ to go so bold? Who is the owner of the bus? The bus is owned by Sheril of Chikkoos Tours and Travel and is operated by Ambadi Travel. The bus runs out of Trivandrum.

“It’s a special edition bus. We offer college tour packages to Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mysuru among other places,” Sheril told The News Minute (TNM).

Sheril said that the college students would often deface his buses with drawings of these stars and that is where he got the idea from. He thought, why not!

The bus has neon lighting, a music system and disco lights! “Knowing my passengers, they would like to have fun and entertainment en-route. The music and neon lighting interior are designed keeping these ideas in mind,” Sheril told TNM.

The bus’ exteriors are painted with the faces of current and former adult entertainment stars like Sunny Leone, Keiran Lee, Johnny Sins, Ava Adams, Mia Khalifa etc.

Even if you hate it, you’ve got to admire the man’s guts. The amount of ridicule he must have faced must have been difficult. But also, the bus made him famous overnight!

Chikkoos’ doesn’t seem like a publicity stunt as they are into pop art. One of their other buses is painted with characters from the Marvel movies, and another one with Captain Jack Sparrow’s and other characters’ faces from the Pirates Of The Caribbean series.

Rithesh, an artist based in Trivandrum created the work on the buses.

“If one can put pictures of film stars, politicians and sports personalities on buses, why not carry images of these adult film actors, who are known to people as well. It’s not just teenagers – others know them as well. I have seen many people giving a second glance to the bus, however, if you ask them, they will pretend like they don’t know them,” Sheril told TNM.

The bus has created a buzz on the social media.

When you see such things, you feel that there still is hope for freshness and open-mindedness in the new India.

Photos: Sheril/TNM

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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