Kiki Challenge: Jaipur Police Shows Mr. KK, A Man Who Is Still Alive As Dead Due To The Challenge


Drake’s Kiki challenge is taking the virtual world by storm. Whether it is the video of the two farmers from Telangana or the various Kiki fails videos, everyone is laughing at it. But the police is having a hard time trying to keep the people safe.

In an attempt to do the same, the Jaipur police recently put up a poster that had a picture of a man ‘Mr. KK’ who died while attempting the Kiki challenge to raise awareness. Only Mr. KK is an alive man who resides in Kerala!

The awareness ad by Jaipur police had a picture of Jawahar Subhash Chandra, who lives in Kochi. The ad showed the picture garlanded with the text: “In loving memory of KK. Loving boyfriend to KiKi, died while doing the Shiggy (February 1995 – July 2018).”


People have been dancing to Drake, who is an American rapper’s song ‘In My Feelings’ across the world. The challenge involves getting out of a moving car, dancing along with the moving car and then getting back in. This dangerous challenge can result in injuries and can also be fatal.

When the awareness was displayed on various platforms, Chandra’s family and he himself got a lot of calls from old friends and relatives asking whether he was alright. He was surprised to see his picture in the ad!

“My wife got a WhatsApp message on Tuesday night. Neither of us saw the message. On Wednesday morning when I got to office, I started receiving calls from people I hadn’t kept in touch with for years asking me if I was okay. This was when I saw the ad,” the 30-year-old Chandra told The News Minute.

The Jaipur police got the picture from Shutterstock (a popular media sharing website where one can buy photos and graphics). Chandra’s brother-in-law, who is a photographer, took his picture a few years ago and then put it up for sale on the website. Then, it was purchased and used in the ad by Jaipur police.

It’s good that the ad clearly states that the image is a representational one.

The Kiki challenge might be very ‘hip’ and ‘trendy’ but remember that is really dangerous. The only safe one was these farmers did:

Heer Khant
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