How Did The King Of Romance SRK, Meet His Wife Gauri Khan?

Shah Rukh Khan is known to be the eventual on-screen lover, a man who is obsessive about whatever he does and has an entirely appealing persona.

Let’s get to know the love story of SRK and Gauri Khan.

Shah Rukh met Gauri at a friend’s place. He couldn’t ask her for a dance as of his shy nature. Once he dared but Gauri refused by saying she wasn’t interested in dancing with him.

He noticed her dancing with another guy. He presumed another guy to be her boyfriend. But in reality, there was no ‘boyfriend’, he was her brother.

Shah Rukh’s humour, confidence, and smartness finally won Gauri’s heart over when SRK managed to defeat a team led by her brother in a hockey match. Soon, the two started dating. Gauri immediately fell in love with Shah Rukh and he fell in love with her.

It is said that Shah Rukh was very possessive out of the two lovebirds. He hated Gauri talking to other boys. This led to a crack in their relationship. Gauri, after celebrating her birthday with SRK,  went to Mumbai, leaving Shah Rukh clueless.


Shahrukh went after his love. He looked for her everywhere. After a hard and long hunt, he tracked Gauri at the Juhu beach in Mumbai.

Both looked at each other with teary eyes. Gauri started crying on Shah Rukh’s arms. That was the instant of insight that they can’t live without each other. SRK simply asked her about her plans for next fifty years and if she won’t mind marrying him. To which Gauri replied positively.

The two had made reconciliation with their different temperaments. It was time to tell their families. That wasn’t going to be easy.

Shah Rukh was a Muslim and Gauri belonged to a Hindu Brahmin family. Her maiden name was Gauri Chibber. Gauri’s family apparently did not approve but later agreed once realising the intensity of their love. In a Hindu marriage ceremony, the couple took the blessings from both the families on October 25, 1991.


Shah Rukh and Gauri are still the same old gorgeous couple.

Both of them respect each other’s feelings and religion. The couple is blessed with  3 kids in their home ‘Mannat’ which is so-filled of love.

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