Kirron Kher On Chandigarh Rape : Shouldn’t Have Sat In The Rickshaw With Three Men Already In it

Kirron Kher’s comment on the Chandigarh rape case is trending on the internet today.

Kirron Kher was at an event speaking at a Press Club in Chandigarh, that is when she said, “Bachi ki samajhdaari ko bhi main thoda sa kehna chahti hun… saari bachciyon ko.. ki already jab koi teen aadmi baithe hue hai uske ander… toh apko usme bethna nahi chahiye tha… I am saying this to protect the girls.”

(“I would like to say something about the girl’s alertness as well…to all girls…when there are three men already sitting in it…then you shouldn’t have sat in it…I am saying this to protect the girls”)

This incident needs to be put light on as on November 17, a 22 year old girl was gang raped by 3 men including the auto-rickshaw driver, when she was returning from her stenography class at 7:45pm. She was then dumped in a secluded spot, and the rapists took turns in raping her. The police was then informed after some passerby noticed her.

Kirron Kher also stressed on the fact that boys need to be educated as such crimes will be prevented, but the girls should be aware and alert too.

The Chandigarh MP here advises to the girls as to how to ensure safety, “ Hum log bhi taxi lete hai Mumbai mein… to kisi na kisi ko bhi… joh hamare saath hota tha… usse taxi ka number likha dete the… because we wanted our safety as girls.. I remember as a girl… so mujhe lagta hai hum sabh ko aaj kal ke zamane mein in cheezon ke liye sakhat hona padega.”

Some people are asking that how will the victim know that if 3 men are inside the rickshaw that they will rape her?

Chandigarh still lacks a women’s commission, Kher replied to this and said, “Chandigarh has a woman MP, mayor and a SSP there is no need for a Mahila Ayog and the women can come to me I am there for them.”

Preview Photo : The Quint

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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