Did You Know Actress Rekha Was Molested When She Was 15?

Bhanurekha Ganesan, the famous Indian Film actress known by the stage name of ‘Rekha’, is gifted with versatile acting skills in Indian cinema. She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to Tamil actor ‘Gemini Ganesan’ and Telegu actress ‘Pushpavalli’. Rekha at the age of 13 quit schooling to start a career in acting, due to troubled financial conditions as her father did not consider his paternity during her childhood – she was brought up by her mother.

Rekha made her debut as a child actress in the Telegu film ‘Rangula Ratnam’ when she was just 12.

In 1969, Rekha was shooting for her first Bollywood film, ‘Anjana Safar’. Film’s director ‘Raja Nawathe’ and actor ‘Biswajit’ had planned to trick the actress to shoot a romantic sequence.

According to an excerpt from the book, ‘Rekha: The Untold Story’, the moment Raja said action, Biswajit grabbed Rekha and pressed his lips on her mouth and nothing of this sort about the kiss sequence had not been discussed with the actress. The camera kept on rolling for 5 minutes, the entire crew kept on cheering and whistling until the director yelled a ‘cut’. 15-year-old Rekha had closed her eyes – they were full of tears.

Back then, not many understood that shooting a sequence against Rekha’s consent of this nature meant molesting the woman. In today’s time, such a horrific instance is termed as ‘molestation’.

Photo: The Indian Express

This incident was later claimed by the ‘Silsila’ actress that she was double crossed for this kissing scene with leading actor of ‘Anjana Safar’, Biswajit for the overseas market. The film had many censorship issues. The film was later released after a decade in 1979 and re-named as ‘Do Shikaari’.

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