Did You Know Ajay Devgn’s ‘Raid’ Is Based On The Raids Of The 1980s?

The Bollywood film ‘Raid’ that has actor Ajay Devgn in a lead role release this Friday. The film which also stars Saurabh Shukla and Ileana D’cruz – directed by Raj Kumar Gupta who has also directed films like ‘No One Killed Jessica’, ‘Aamir’ and ‘Ghanchakkar’ – is now in news.

From the trailer of ‘Raid’, you can depict that this movie is a hard-hitting drama, where Devgn plays an honest Income Tax Officer, but very few people knew that the movie has been adapted from real life ‘raids’ which happened back in 1980’s.

According to a report in India Today, on 16th July 1981, Income Tax officers raided the house of the businessman and Congress MLA Sardar Inder Singh in Kanpur. The raid was conducted by 90 highly experienced Income Tax Officers, under the leadership of I-T Commissioner of Lucknow, Sharda Prashad Pandey.

There were 200 policemen present for the safety of the officers. The total of 1.6 crores was recovered in cash, gold and other assets were separate. 45 people were just present there for the counting of notes and the raid went on for 18 hours.

There was another I-T raid on 14th September 1989, on homes and factories of 2 industrialists, paper mill owner Harish Chhabra and jewellery dealer Chitranjan Swarup. Here 88 officers were assigned with the task of finding assets, the black money of these two industrialists. The raid started normally, but later Rs. 2 crores were discovered. The word was spread that Chhabra’s assets were being raided by the officers, he managed to get done a mob attack on the officers despite police protection. Many I-T officials were beaten up badly, many hospitalized, many fevers paralyzed and the officers who raided Chhabra’s factory were first stripped naked and then beaten up.

Ajay Devgn Makes A Powerful Impact In Raid’s Trailer, Have A Look

You can see in the trailer that there is also lots of violence happens after actor ‘Ajay Devgn’ starts his raid, the movie released on 16th March 2018. Watch it below:

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