Did You Know These Bollywood Actors Have Undergone Cosmetic Surgeries?

Bollywood has always laid a lot of emphasis on looks, skin tone, body complexion and a lot more. In the era of talent, acting skills, and dialogue delivery, actors believe in plastic surgery simply because their appearance matters a lot to them. The main motto of doing the surgeries is to impress and charm the audiences but in that do they really have thought about how it is harming their own body?

Recently, when the first female Bollywood star of the industry ‘Sridevi’ passed away in the UAE it was portrayed all over the media that she had undergone so many surgeries. Here are other actors who have faced the knife:

1) Anil Kapoor:

Photo: india.com

Just look at him at the age of 60, he still looks impressive. In a few years when he will be a senior citizen of India, he will still be looking young. The actor might have taken some cosmetic help to defy ageing.  Also, his healthy lifestyle has helped.

2) Shah Rukh Khan:

Photo: freepressjournal.in

Look at him back then when he was a newcomer and see the difference now. One of the biggest stars in the world due to his versatile skills this actor has undergone Botox and cosmetic treatments as well. You might want to observe his crease lines which are very perfect. He is 52 now.

3) Shahid Kapoor:

Photo: dnaindia.com

Shahid has made his place in the industry with his commendable looks and acting. In his case looks does matter a lot as he has gone through some changes to give a new shape to his nose which has positively shaped his entire look – the perfect term for it is ‘Rhinoplasty’.

4) Ranbir Kapoor:

Photo: indianexpress.com

The handsome looking eligible bachelor in Bollywood Ranbir Kapoor has sought treatment to cure his receding hairline which was back then a problem for him.

5) Salman Khan:

Khan is in his 50’s and has one of the largest fan following in the country. If you notice his hairline, you’ll see the difference when he was young and how he looks now. There are rumours the actor has done hair weaving.

Preview Photo: mensxp.com

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