Did You Know That The World’s Largest School Was In India?

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Everyone knows about Oxford in U.K., and Cambridge in the USA, – the top-rated universities across the globe. Does anyone know which is the largest school across the globe and where it is?

Want to know? Allow me to tell you about a school. It is in our very own country India and was founded long back in 1959. It held the 2010-11 Guinness Book of World Records for the largest school. The school has also received the ‘Hope of Humanity’ Award from the spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. In 2002, it was awarded the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. In 2014 the school’s society was accredited by the United Nations Department of Public Information as an affiliated NGO.

Eager to know its name? Fine, the suspense is over.

It’s called the City Montessori School (CMS).

It is a co-educational English medium private school that offers education from pre-school up to 12th grade. It is located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. CMS is affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations.

Let’s have a look at its background first. What started an as small school of originally five students, all from a single household, has grown far beyond its humble beginnings. The institution accommodates approx. 52,000 pre-primary, primary and secondary students spread over 20 campuses in the city.

The husband and wife duo of Jagdish Gandhi and Bharti Gandhi, founded the City Montessori School with just 5 students and a borrowed capital of just ₹300 in rented premises in 1959.

“Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the change”

CMS has demonstrated that large campuses and crowded classrooms aren’t a bar to academic excellence. The school’s fees are between ₹300 and  ₹700 – atleast 25% cheaper than some other elite schools in Lucknow.

The faculty teaches and also evaluate students, making sure no child is lagging behind. While structures like curriculum creation, financing, and transportation are integrated for good organization, teachers find their liberty to update things for improvisation.

Unlike the schools like ours with the traditional method of ‘chalk n talk’, CMS challenges the teachers to be innovative with the curriculum, presenting the lessons using the slide projector.

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“Strong reasons make strong actions”

To manage the bigger organizational liability, the school has sub-principals for the primary, junior, pre-primary, and senior sections.

Every teacher visits the families of five students every month as a the part of their ‘teacher guardian programme’. These calls let governesses mark simple opinions, for instance advising that the same room as the television should not a child’s study table. Is your room having both? Better watch it then! Top of it all, it shows the concern for the students.

Have you seen this in any other school?

Alongside with the school’s persistent concern to ethical education, a one-fourth of its students be given a 40% reduction in fees due to the poor financial background.

 “Children reinvent our world for us”

The children also started an Indo-Pak children’s pen friend’s project intending to endorse friendship amongst children of Pakistan and India during Babri Masjid issue.

If you want to explore more about this great institution then you can visit their website.

There are many great things in India itself which you and I are unaware of being the world’s largest!

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