Do You Know Your Coffee? Read This To Know The Difference Between These 8 Coffees

That woman in the café says with an accent, “One Cappuccino, please!” It is the most convenient choice for most of us, who don’t know the difference between, cappuccino, espresso or americano.

There seems to be a trend for Café Coffee Day, Starbucks, Mocha, Barista – and every other coffee house that you can think of. Most people throng to these cafes as they are ‘cool’ and ‘stylish’. Some choose it as their hang out place to kill time. Some choose to do meetings at these cafes. But out of so many people who spend a lot behind coffees at these places, barely know the difference between different kinds of coffees.

The next time you talk to the barista asking for a specific kind of coffee, know what you are ordering. Don’t order blindly. Because no one ever explained to us what those fancy coffee names mean, it is time to find out!

1. Cappuccino:

A cappuccino and latte are similar – an espresso shot with milk and foam. However, in a cappuccino, there is much more foam with sprinkles of chocolate.

2. Espresso:

This is a very strong black coffee which is made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans. A double espresso is the double of that.

3. Americano:

An Americano is an espresso put in a cup that also has water. The ratio of water is 2/3rd.

4. Latte:

A latte is an espresso with milk and foam – often with whipped cream. This is much sweeter as the amount of milk is almost half the amount of the total drink.

5. Mocha:

A mocha is a mix of hot chocolate and a cappuccino – where chocolate is added while making the espresso shot. This seems to be the favourite amongst many.

6. Affogato:

This is more of a dessert than a coffee. It is made with a single or double espresso shot and a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream. Many people may choose chocolate ice cream as well.

7. Macchiato:

A macchiato coffee is an espresso with a dollop of steamed milk and foam. The milk dilutes the bitter taste of espresso. A long macchiato has a double shot of espresso.

8. Ristretto:

A ristretto is again a kind of espresso that is extracted through the same amount of coffee but half the amount of water/steam. As a result, it is stronger and darker than an espresso.

Educated enough? Now take an educated sip.

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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