Let It Wag: A Real Time App That Will Help You Rescue Strays & Spread The Love

Remember the last time when you were going about your day and saw a poor stray injured and ignored? How badly you wished to help ease its pain but didn’t know how to and endless Google search results didn’t exactly help! Now there is a solution.

A 26-year-old IT Graduate from Mumbai, Yash Sheth has made an app named ‘Let It Wag’ that helps you rescue these animals. You can also donate, adopt and sponsor through the beta version of the app that is now available for download on Android.

How do you go about helping the strays?

It is simple. You click a picture of the animal in need of help and upload it. You are then connected to various NGOs nearby and vets. Voila!

“Let It Wag is like 911 for animals. The whole idea is to get all the stakeholders on the platform and simplify and improve the turnaround time for rescuing animals,” said Yash to onlinenewspaper.co.in. Furthermore, ‘with over 4,000 plus users on their Android app, and through volunteers, the team has helped 215 dogs, 15 cats, 3 owls, 12 pigeons in trouble. Also, two puppies have been adopted.’

Photo: onlinenewspaper.co.in

What made Yash start an app like this? More than a year ago, he heard a dog whine in pain. He took a picture of the dog and put in on the social media asking for help. As a result, a lot of messages poured in and the stray was saved.

Once you upload a picture on the app, the update is sent across to various people using Let It Wag (it has over 5,000 users) who can pitch in to help in a various way. If no one comes forward, you have access to a database of vets, NGOs etc., you can simply contact them.

A noble initiative isn’t it? Now you can truly love the poor animals on the roads and go a step ahead instead of only cuddling and forgetting about them.

Let it wag its tail with gratitude!

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Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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