Has Life Changed In Anyway For The Working Woman In The 21st Century?

It is tough to be a woman. Especially at a workplace where even today most people disregard her ideas simply because of her gender, no matter how brilliant they may be.

Some would say that the scenario has changed for women in the 21st century. Even we hope for this to be true, the reality is far from fair. Even today, there are a lot of people accusing women of being no match for the calibre of males. Hey, if you’re thinking about rural or suburban areas, just to make it clear it happens in the corporate sector of metros – where ‘educated’, ‘sophisticated’ people work.

Suchi Mukherjee, CEO of Limeroad, recalled her days as an executive in one of the MNCs and had said in an interview with a publication, “I prepared an advertisement design for the sale of a shampoo, known as ‘Medicated Shampoo’. My project manager found it very attention-grabbing. Once, the Naga Tourism Corporation came for, then to my shock, I wasn’t allowed to present the presentation I prepared but my colleague presented instead. Later, on confrontation, the manager said, women, aren’t good at presentation. If you would’ve presented, the deal was out of the question.”

Anisha Singh, Founder, and CEO, Mydala.com once talked about an incident when she was working at Centra Software, Boston to a publication, “While I was an employee, I made an antivirus software for the company which I wanted to patent. I wasn’t allowed but was offered a promotion instead. Later, realized that the software was sold by the company for billion dollars in their name. If I would have patented, the company could no longer keep it in their possession.”

In one of the MNCs, a girl working as an executive was on her way to home. It is a norm that a service vehicle should be provided for females to drop and pick up from home. While her way back home was kidnapped and raped and killed by a group of men in New Delhi. What most people would have thought is ‘What was the need for her to take up a job that made her commute at night?’, others would have called her bold, too ambitious and some would have gone to the extent of asking her to stay at home, as it is ‘safer’.

Also, every year a lot of cases of molestation make it to the newspapers and a lot don’t because the blindfolded companies keep mum to keep up the reputation of the organisation.

Now, women done with being employees have become entrepreneurs in spite of all the challenges they faced like Suchi Mukherjee who started Limeroad or Richa Kar who is the founder of online lingerie store Zivame. One of the advantages of being your own boss for a woman is that no one can deprive them of claiming their achievement as their own or undermine them.

Challenges were big but even bigger was the will of women who turned the winds blowing against them in their favour.

Rishabh Kumar
Rishabh Kumar

A soon to be tech graduate who has a knack of writing and a sack full of dreams.

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