Low Battery? Don’t Worry! This App Only Works At 5% Battery Level!

Today’s generation is fast because of the ever-developing technology. Cell phones have become an essential part of our lives. It seems as if there is no oxygen without a phone for most – and a good battery life is something that every person desires.

Imagine you have the best smartphone in your hands and all of a sudden you get to know that the battery level is at 5%. What would you do? You would have to stop using the phone to save battery and stare into emptiness to kill time. Instead, you could do this – install an app called ‘Die With Me’. Aptly named, isn’t it?

A couple of developers have made this app which will only work if the battery level of your phone is 5% or less than that, as per a report by the Daily Mail. It allows you to talk to strangers. The ‘Die with Me’ app is available on both Android and iOS and when you start the app it will connect you with strangers in a chat room and they can talk till the battery is completely drained.

Dries Depoorter who is one of the developers in an interview given to Motherboard said, “We wanted to do something positive with a low battery”.

According to refinery29.com, this is how the app works when at 5% battery – ‘After entering a screen name for yourself, you’re taken to a chatroom full of others who are also close to the end. The background is pitch black, and everyone who joins in the room’s conversation is identified first and foremost by their remaining battery percentage, which appears in a white box to the left of their comment; names and timestamps appear in smaller type below each comment.’

People who love such kind of apps which gives access to them to speak with strangers that too at a time when the phone’s battery is extremely less – if nothing then it might help ease some low-battery stress!

Preview Photo: dreamstime.com

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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